About Financial Review & Compliance


The Department of Economic and Community Development is committed to fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities to the people of the state to ensure that recipients of state financial assistance fulfill their compliance and contractual obligations.

The Office of Financial Review and Compliance provides financial reviews of potential economic, community and housing development projects to be funded by the department, and it is also responsible for compliance monitoring to assure adherence to audit statutes and regulations, and contractual obligations for activities funded by DECD. 

Our Initiatives

  • Compliance reviews to make sure funding recipients fulfill statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Audit requirements to ensure that audits conducted for recipients of state and federal programs meet all reporting obligations
  • Financial reviews for due diligence, including background investigations; review of legal, functional and organizational structures; financial statements; and Economic Impact Analyses


For information, contact Stephen Pons at (860) 500-2409 or stephen.pons@ct.gov.