New and Used Furniture Labeling Requirements

Product labels help buyers of cushions, pillows, comforters and upholstered furniture make informed purchases. Products with hidden filling materials that are to be used for sitting, resting or reclining, such as pillows, comforters and chairs must include the correct Law Label.The label explains exactly what the hidden filling material is, and if more than one type is used, the percentage of each material. 

By knowing what is inside the product, the label enables consumers to base their purchasing decisions on accurate and truthful labeling. 

Consumers may remove the tag from items they have purchased; however, the retailer must make sure the tag is still on the product when it leaves the selling floor.

ALL NEW MATERIALS – WHITE LAW LABELsample of cushion label

This white tag must be included on new products with hidden filling material that are to be used for sitting, resting, or reclining. Manufacturers must be licensed to sell their goods in Connecticut. Each law label must be approved for use in Connecticut at licensing time. All importers of these products must also be licensed in Connecticut. 

The REG NO. (registration number) is unique to each manufacturer, and needs to be licensed in Connecticut.

The label can say “Made by” with the manufacturer’s full name and address, or “Distributed by” or “Imported by” with either the distributor's or importer's full name and address.

The Date of Delivery is required in Connecticut.

U.S. Customs require manufacturers to include the country of origin on products.Connecticut allows this information to be included on the law label.

 label for pillow that contains feathers or downALL NEW MATERIALS – FEATHER AND DOWN LAW LABEL

This law label is white and must be on all products that are filled with any combination of feather and/or down.The feather and down must have gone through a sterilization process to ensure that the product is clean and free from debris.

The manufacturer and the sterilizer of the feathers and/or down may be two different companies.Each company must be registered in Connecticut and hold a registration and/or permit number.

U.S. customs requires that the country of origin be indicated somewhere on the item.

The percentage and type of feather and/or down must be stated. The Department of Consumer Protection tests to determine that these statements are truthful.The term “Contents Sterilized” must be included.

“Date of Delivery” must also be included; this particular law label is in violation.

SECOND-HAND DEALER LAW LABEL yellow tag for used pillow

This tag must always be yellow.The dealer must be licensed in Connecticut and also hold a Sterilization / Sanitation Permit.

The statement “Contains Second Hand Material/Contents Unknown” must always be on a second-hand tag.The retailer can not attest to the type of hidden materials in the product.

The registration number and permit number indicate who the retailer and sanitizer is.

The label must state that the contents have been sanitized.

The “Sold by” statement must be filled out completely with the retailer’s full name and address.

The retailer must fill in the date that sanitizing took place.

reupholsterer yellow labelRENOVATOR LAW LABEL -- MUST ALWAYS BE YELLOW

A renovator is anyone who adds new filling material to old filling material and recovers the product for a fee (for example, a reupholsterer). The old filling materials must be sanitized before the new material is added.The renovator must be licensed in Connecticut and also hold a Sterilization / Sanitation Permit.

The registration and permit numbers indicate who actually renovated the product.

Statements must be on the law label to indicate that this item may not be sold and that it is the property of and must be returned to its owner.The original owner’s name and address must be filled in by the renovator.

The label must include the renovator’s name and full address and the date that the piece was sanitized.

The tag must also indicate the new materials that have been added to the product.