Home Inspection Licensing Board

There shall be, within the Department of Consumer Protection, a Home Inspection Licensing Board. The board shall consist of eight members, each member shall be, at the time of appointment, a resident of the state of Connecticut. Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, five of the members shall be home inspectors licensed under section 20-492a or subsection (b) of section 20-492b, who have been engaged in home inspection in this state for at least five years immediately preceding their appointment. Three of the members shall be public members who are owners and residents of a residential building.


Board Members
  • Lawrence R. Willette, Chairperson, Home Inspector
  • Marc A. Champagne, Home Inspector
  • Timothy Needham, Home Inspector
  • Bruce Schaefer, Home Inspector
 Board Vacancies: (1) Home Inspector

                                   (3) Public Members



Next Meeting

June 18


2024 Current Scheduled Board Meetings

September 17

December 17



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