Fire Protection Sprinkler System Board

The Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems Board shall consist of nine members who shall be residents of this state, two of whom shall be journeymen sprinkler fitters, two of whom shall be fire protection sprinkler contractors, three of whom shall be public members, one of whom shall be a representative of the State Fire Marshal and one of whom shall be a local fire marshal. 
Board Members
  • David Waskowicz, Unlimited Journeyperson, Chairperson
  • Wayne Roderick, Unlimited Journeyperson
  • Kevin Wypychoski, Unlimited Contractor
  • Kevin Griffith, State Fire Marshal
  • Keith Flood, Local Fire Marshal
  • Anthony Moscato, Public Member

 Board Vacancies: (1) Unlimited Contractor
                                (2) Public Members



Next Meeting

August 29

2024 Current Scheduled Board Meetings

November 27

All meetings are scheduled for 9:00 a.m.


Meeting Video Recordings