What Other License or Registration Does My Contractor Need?

While home improvement and  new home construction contractors must be registered to do business in Connecticut, certain types of skilled work requires the additional training, experience and education that professional licensing helps to ensure.
Persons performing electrical, HVAC, plumbing, heating, and similar jobs must have the appropriate Connecticut license in order to assure that their work is being done correctly and safely.
The following links to Connecticut's license testing booklets provide the most up-to-date information about what license types are needed to perform certain jobs.
Beginning on or around page 9, each booklet provides a detailed description for the "SCOPE OF WORK" allowed at each specific licensing level. The various license levels and "SCOPE OF WORK" descriptions typically continue for several pages in each booklet.
We hope this information gives consumers a general idea of the level of expertise and credentialing that is required in Connecticut to legally and safely perform various skilled work. 
For further clarification or information, please email the Department of Consumer Protection at DCP.OccupationalProfessional@ct.gov .