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WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 – Today, Consumer Protection Deputy Commissioner Maureen Magnan signed a summary suspension of the liquor permit for Litt Ultra Lounge (LCA.7949), located at 483 W. Main Street in Waterbury.

This suspension is the result of a referral to the DCP Liquor Control Division from the Waterbury Police Department on September 6, 2022, regarding events that occurred during the early morning hours of September 3, 2022.

On September 3, 2022, Litt Ultra was the scene of a shooting during which one person was killed and two others were injured by gunfire. This incident closely follows another shooting that occurred in February 2022 and injured one person, who was the head of security for the premise.

In his letters to DCP, Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo indicated that the police department has been required to assign additional personal to the premise and the area around the premise in order to “maintain an increased” and “almost constant police presence,” which constitutes a drain on limited police resources and diverts police from other areas of need in the city. In his letter, Chief Spagnolo summarized, “[t]he continued operation of Litt Ultra Lounge and the criminal activity that occurs there has a negative impact on both public safety and the quality of life in the City of Waterbury.”

“Incidents like the one that occurred over Labor Day weekend at Litt Ultra Lounge are a preventable tragedy,” said DCP Deputy Commissioner Maureen Magnan. “We expect our permittees to take seriously their responsibility to protect public health and safety, and it is clear from this incident and others that Litt Ultra Lounge is unable to maintain its commitment to that responsibility. This senseless act of violence resulted in the loss of a life we cannot get back, and my thoughts go out to the victim’s friends and family. Thank you to the Waterbury Police Department for their ongoing work to address issues at this establishment.”

The premise license is immediately suspended, and the establishment is closed until further notice. The permit was first issued by DCP on September 8, 2017, and is set to expire on January 7, 2023.

A copy of two letters from Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo (second letter), the suspension placard, and summary suspension order are attached.

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