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Sealed Tickets in Connecticut Will Soon be Commercially Available

HARTFORD, April 16 – As reported earlier this year, the Department of Consumer Protection’s Gaming Division, in compliance with Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 7-169h, is phasing out its business of selling and distributing sealed ticket games, and is receiving and approving applications from private firms to take on this function.


A popular fundraising item for nonprofit organizations, sealed tickets are used by Connecticut charitable, civic, educational, fraternal, veterans’ or religious organizations, volunteer fire departments and local granges in conjunction with their permitted charitable gaming activities, social functions and events.


The Department is reviewing applications from several private firms that wish to either manufacture or distribute sealed tickets in Connecticut.  Arrow International, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio and International Gamco, Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska have thus far been approved and issued a registration to manufacture sealed tickets to be sold in Connecticut.  A Bristol company, CT Bingo Supply, LLC, is the first company to be issued a registration to distribute sealed tickets in the state.


Connecticut-registered manufacturers may only sell sealed tickets to a Connecticut-registered distributor; likewise, a registered distributor may only purchase tickets from a manufacturer registered in Connecticut. Distributors may only sell sealed tickets to organizations that have a permit from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to sell sealed tickets in Connecticut.  Registered distributors must have a physical office in Connecticut, and must warehouse the sealed tickets in the state.


Sealed tickets may still be purchased at the Department’s sealed ticket sales office in Newington until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 20th. Mail orders are processed and shipped to organizations via Federal Express. Same-day shipping service is available for all acceptable mail orders. 


Beginning Monday April 23rd, CT Bingo Supply, LLC will sell sealed tickets Monday through Friday, from 9am until 5pm.  It will accept walk-in customers and mail orders, and also provide same-day shipping service via Fed Ex.


For sealed ticket order questions, please contact (860) 594-0560.  


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