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Department of Consumer Protection Releases Results of Liquor Compliance Checks in Bridgeport

HARTFORD, March 13 – The Department of Consumer Protection is releasing today the results of an undercover compliance operation it conducted over the weekend, March 9th and 10th, in Bridgeport.  Agents from the Department’s Liquor Control Division and officers from the Bridgeport Police Department conducted undercover compliance checks of 123 package stores and grocery stores licensed to sell beer. 


Volunteer minors, who had been trained by the Governor's Prevention Partnership, worked in tandem with enforcement officers and assisted in the operation by entering each store and attempting to purchase beer or liquor.


Of the 123 stores tested, it is alleged that 21 failed by selling to the undercover youth. Those stores which allegedly failed and may face administrative action are:


·         A & D Market, 1212 Park Avenue

·         Captain’s Food Market, 321 Main Street

·         Krauszer’s, 2579 Fairfield Avenue

·         Hillview Superette, 3751 Madison Avenue

·         Lou’s Food, 1255 Madison Avenue

·         Laprimera Grocery, 1615 Park Avenue

·         J & J Variety deli, 3145 Main Street

·         Future Market, 1080 Ogden Street

·         La Marqueta Meat Market Food Center, 2960 Fairfield Avenue

·         LaParada Market, 999 Maplewood Avenue

·         Los Primos Deli Grocery #3, 731 Noble Avenue


·         Quisquella Mini Market, 2351 Main Street

·         Neighborhood Grocery, 1160 State Street

·         LaMarqueta Bonita Deli and Grocery, 1601 Fairfield Avenue

·         Zig Zag Deli, 1367 Boston Avenue

·         123 Convenience Store, 770 Park Avenue

·         Norman Grocery and Deli House, 232 Maplewood Avenue

·         Junco Deli Grocery, 1427 Stratford Avenue

·         Mike’s Food Market, 445 Connecticut Avenue

·         Blackrock Liquor Store, 2906 Fairfield Avenue

·         Bijou Square Wine Shop, 323 Fairfield Avenue

“While 83% of stores tested were in compliance, that is not good enough,” Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said.  “Our goal is that 100% of permit holders will take necessary measures to prevent any alcohol sales to minors."


Rubenstein stated that routine compliance checks help the agency to identify businesses that knowingly or unknowingly sell alcohol to minors and bring them back into compliance with state law. However, he added, compliance checks are not intended to hurt local businesses.

“We don’t try to trick or entice establishments to sell alcoholic beverages to youth,” Rubenstein said. “If asked for proof of age before making a liquor purchase, the volunteer youth will hand over his or her actual photo I.D., which clearly indicates that they are underage.”

The Commissioner thanked the Bridgeport Police Department for their assistance in the operation.


The businesses that allegedly sold to a minor will be brought before the Liquor Control Commission for an administrative hearing, at which time they will have an opportunity to address the charges.



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