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Department Announces Settlements of Alleged Liquor Law Violations

HARTFORD, June 8  -- The Department of Consumer Protection announced today that Brescome Barton, Inc. of North Haven, a Connecticut-based liquor wholesaler, has resolved allegations of trade practice violations which were alleged to have occurred between August 2009 through and including January 2011.  Under the settlement, which is contained in an Offer-in-Compromise between the Department and the wholesaler company, the company was required to pay $850,000 to the State of Connecticut.  The Department alleged that the company and certain of its employees engaged in improper sales activity, including providing or furnishing services, advertising material or equipment to retailers.  Such inducements are prohibited by the Connecticut Liquor Control Act.


In a related investigation, the Department has also resolved allegations of trade practice violations against Warehouse Wines and Liquor Corporation, a Stamford-based package store. This settlement, which is also contained in an Offer-in-Compromise, calls for the package store to pay $135,000 to the State.  The Department alleged that since August 2009, employees of the package store and the wholesaler together engaged in trade practice violations, including the use of the package store to conceal deliveries of alcoholic liquor to out-of-state entities by certain wholesaler employees.


“The Department of Consumer Protection’s primary liquor enforcement goals are preventing alcohol sales to minors, preventing alcohol sales to intoxicated persons, and assuring a fair and open marketplace for the benefit of consumers,” Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said.  “The settlements announced today are part of the Department’s everyday commitment to assuring that alcohol is only sold fairly and safely.”


The Department’s Division of Liquor Control ensures that all segments of the liquor industry comply with state liquor laws. Today’s announcement represents the initial results of an ongoing investigation into trade practice violations within the liquor industry in Connecticut.



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