Non-Legend Drug Permit Reinstatement

IMPORTANT: If there has been a change in ownership, name or location, a new application must be submitted.  Click here to access the initial application. 

Reinstatement Prerequisites:

  • A non-legend drug permit  may be reinstated, provided a completed reinstatement form and all applicable fees are submitted not later than three (3) years after the date of expiration of the permit. Any such reinstated permit shall expire on the next succeeding December 31st.

To download the paper reinstatement form click on the link below:

To complete the reinstatement online:

  • If you have your User Id and Password, please go to to access your account.
  • You may request your User ID and Password by emailing the following information to
  1. Name
  2. permit type
  3. permit number
  4. Email address

Questions can be emailed to the License Services Division at