Special Announcement on Liquor Orders and Deliveries

With the arrival of Hurricane Sandy and the anticipated widespread disruption within the industry, the Department is now allowing liquor  retailers to order October 2012  product through Sunday, November 4, 2012, and now allowing for those products to be delivered through Thursday, November 8, 2012.
It is also reasonable to assume that retailers may be unable to remit payment to wholesalers within the required timeline due to store closings, wholesalers’ inability to deliver and contact retailers, bank closings, and other factors.  With that in mind, wholesalers  should accept payment for previous orders through November 4, 2012 without penalty to  your retail customers.

The Department will be monitoring the situation and will issue updates as needed. As many of you already know, the offices at the Department of Consumer Protection, including the Division of Liquor Control, will be closed on Monday.

On behalf of Commissioner William M. Rubenstein, Liquor Commissioners Angelo Faenza and Stephen Somma, General Counsel Elisa Nahas,  and the men and women of the Division of Liquor Control, I wish to extend our thoughts and prayers  for your well-being, your families, your employees as we, as a state, confront Hurricane Sandy. 


John “Jack” Suchy

Division Director of Liquor Control

Department of Consumer Protection