Wholesaler Pharmaceutical Preparedness

COVID-19 Wholesaler Inventory Reporting Requirements

In order to prepare for shortages of medication needed to treat patients affected by COVID-19, the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division will be communicating with wholesalers in order to collect inventory of specific medication (listed below) in their possession. This will allow the Division to direct hospitals and medical facilities to the wholesaler that is most likely to have the supplies they need to ensure their patients are treated.

The Division is taking this action in accordance with Section 28-32a of the Connecticut General Statues:

Sec 28-32a Each licensed wholesaler that distributes prescription drugs, including licensed repackagers of the finished form of controlled drugs or noncontrolled prescription drug products, shall provide the Commissioner of Consumer Protection an inventory report regarding such wholesaler's on-hand inventory of specifically identified prescription drugs, in all forms and strengths.


Please submit all inventory reports via email in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Excel and include the following medications: