• Common Brand Names: Concerta®, Metadate® and Ritalin®

  • Drug Schedule: Schedule 2

  • Abuse Potential: High

  • Available As: Tablets, capsules

  • Note: Commonly prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Consumption: Swallowed, crushed and injected, crushed and snorted

  • Common Street Names:
    • Speed
    • Uppers
    • Ups
    • Co-Pilots
Concerta18  Concerta27  Concerta36  Concerta54
Metadate10  Metadate20  Metadate30  Metadate  Metadateer20   
Ritalin5  Ritalin10  Ritalin20  Ritalinsr20  Ritalinla20
      5mg                     10mg                  20mg              SR-20mg                LA-20mg
Watson5  Sandoz10  Watson10
         5mg (Watson)                          10mg (Sandoz)                        10mg (Watson)
Sandoz 20  Watson20
               20mg (Sandoz)                                20mg (Watson)