• Common Brand Name:      Valium®
  • Drug Schedule:                 Schedule 4
  • Abuse Potential:               Moderate
  • Available As:                    Tablets, oral solution and injection
  • Consumption:                   Swallowed or injected
  • Common Street Names:
    • V
    • Vals
    • Vallies
    • Candy
    • French Blues
    • Blues
  • Street Value:
    • $2 to $7 each
Mylan 2mg        Mylan 10mg
               Diazepam 2mg (Mylan)                                  Diazepam 10mg (Mylan)
                                  Mylan 5mg
                                                Diazepam 5mg (Barr)
Valium 2mg        Valium 10mg
                     Valium® 2mg                                                  Valium® 10mg
                                  Valium 5mg
                                                    Valium® 5mg
Diazepam Oral        Diazepam Injection
                 Diazepam Oral Solution                                      Diazepam Injection