• Common Brand Name:       Klonopin┬«
  • Drug Schedule:                 Schedule 4
  • Abuse Potential:                High
  • Available As:                     Oral Tablets and Disintegrating Tablets
  • Consumption:                   Swallowed or dissolved in mouth (disintegrated tablet),
                                           crushed and snorted     
  • Common Street Names:
    • K-Cuts
    • K-Pins
    • Super Valium
    • Pins
  • Street Value:
    • 1mg - $2 each
Clonazepam 1mg          Clonazepam 2mg
                  Klonopin┬« 1mg                                                    Klonopin┬« 2mg
Mylan 1mg         Mylan 2mg
             Clonazepam 1mg (Mylan)                                    Clonazepam 2mg (Mylan)
Clonazepam .5mg
Clonazepam Disintegrating 0.5mg