Certificate of Free Sale for Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics

This Certificate of Free Sale page is only for facilities within the State of Connecticut that are involved in the manufacture and distribution of Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics.  You must have an active license with the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division, for the Certificate of Free Sale to be completed by the Division. To verify your license status please visit our license verification website.

NOTE:  If you are looking for information about a Certificate of Free Sale for Food Product please click here.

Please follow these instructions for the completion and submission of a Certificate of Free Sale packet.

  1. Determine the required documentation for the required country.

  2. Complete the Certificate of Free Sale application by signing into eLicense account and selecting “License Maintenance” under “More Online Services”. If multiple licenses are listed, select the license a Certificate of Free Sale is being requested for and follow the prompts to complete the application. Graphical user interface, text, application, Word Description automatically generated

  3. Once application is submitted, Department of Consumer Protection will be notified and review documents. Once approved, Department of Consumer Protection will print and notarize the document and send a certificate packet, which will include an Authentication / Apostille Order Form and notarized Certificate of Free Saleback to registrant via United State Postal Service.

  4. When registrant receives certificate packet a check or money order to pay the authentication fee needs to be obtained, payment instructions listed at the bottom of this page.

  5. After securing payment, the registrant will send certificate packet, check / money order, and a self-addressed envelope directly to the Secretary of the State of Connecticut at the address shown on the bottom of this page.

Authentication Fee: 

  • Fee - $40.00 Make the check / money order payable to “Secretary of State”


Mailing Address: 

  • For hand delivery of original documents or to send via FedEx, UPS, or DHL:
    Secretary of the State Business Services Division
    165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1000
    Hartford, CT 06106

  • For all US Postal Mail including mail requiring a signature receipt:
    Secretary of the State
    Business Services Division
    PO Box 150470
    Hartford, CT 06115-0470



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