Pharmacist Temporary Permit to Practice


This application is for pharmacists licensed in another state who are looking to reciprocate/transfer their pharmacist license to the State of Connecticut.


  1. The applicant must practice under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist
  2. The applicant must have an application for reciprocity on file with the commission
  3. The applicant is a licensed pharmacist in good standing in a state or jurisdiction from which such state's pharmacy board or commission of pharmacy grants similar reciprocal privileges to pharmacists licensed in this state.
  4. The applicant has no actions pending against such individual's license with any state's pharmacy board or commission of pharmacy.

Required Documentation:

  • Complete the application below

Applications, Forms & Other:
    • Notes
      • A temporary permit to practice pharmacy shall expire at the time the individual with the temporary permit is licensed as a pharmacist in this state, or not later than three months from the date of issuance of such temporary permit, whichever occurs first. The Department of Consumer Protection shall not issue more than one temporary permit to practice pharmacy to an individual, but the commission, at its discretion, may authorize one three-month extension of the temporary permit.

      • You must work alongside a Connecticut Licensed Pharmacist when practicing with a temporary permit

Application Fee:
  • Application Fee - $200
Mailing Address:

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

License Services Division
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 801
Hartford, CT 06103

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