Landscape Architect - Continuing Education

Hours Required

24 credit hours per two-year cycle
NOTE: At least 6 hours of the 24 must be completed in-person

Timeline for Completion

All continuing education (CE) hours must be completed between May 1 of an even-numbered year and April 30 of the even-numbered year two years later. Note: This CE completion deadline is 3 months before the renewal deadline.  A landscape architect shall not be required to meet the provisions of this section for the first biennium in which the landscape architect is initially licensed in this state.

Proof of Completion

All credential holders must attest to the completion of their required continuing education (CE) as part of the renewal process. Certificates of completion and other related records should be retained by the credential holder for at least five (5) years in case of audit by the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP).

Course Requirements

Continuing education courses may include, but not be limited to, college or university courses; activities conducted by professional programs or organizations which award continuing education credits; portions of technical meetings or seminars related to the technical element of the practice of landscape architecture; preparation and/or presentation of technical research papers at technical meetings; participation in the study and examination in technical subjects sponsored by CLARB; and participation in the preparation of the LARE sponsored by CLARB. Self-directed study or research may be acceptable with the prior approval of the board. Continuing education credits obtained for the continuing education requirements of other states will be accepted if the credits meet these standards. 

Courses Available

Courses include, but are not limited to:

Failure to Complete

Failure by a landscape architect to fulfill continuing education requirements shall result in the suspension of the license to practice landscape architecture or other action authorized by law. The board or department may reinstate the license or rescind any other penalty when the continuing education requirement has been fulfilled.


A landscape architect who is unable to comply with the requirements of this section due to extenuating circumstances may apply for a waiver or an extension of time to fulfill such requirements.

complete a waiver request form


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why is the continuing education (CE) completion deadline earlier than the renewal deadline?

A. As the renewal period begins well before the expiration date, the 3-month offset ensures that all required CE is completed before the renewal period begins.