Advice for Consumers following the Anthem, Inc. Data Breach

anthem logoAnthem, Inc. reports that identifying information including addresses and social security numbers for as many as 80 million Anthem customers have been exposed in a massive breach of the company's data system. The company is conducting a forensic analysis to identify all the specific data that was exposed.

State officials have been active in seeking and obtaining answers from Anthem and protections for its customers.

Anthem's dedicated website,, has ongoing information about the hack.

What to Do Now:

Meanwhile, consumers should take immediate precautionary steps to ensure their personal accounts are secure, and report any suspicious or unauthorized activity immediately.

  • Get a free credit report at now. You can also call toll-free to request reports at 1-877-322-8228.  There have been other data breaches in the past 12 months, so you should be checking for any suspicious activity on your accounts.  Just choose one of the three reports available to you.
  • If you have an online account with Anthem, go in and change your password and pin numbers.
  • Monitor the news reports for more information as it develops.
  • From now on, carefully check medical and Anthem insurance statements, including the Explanation of Benefits; they will show warning signs of misuse.
    • Look at the name of the provider, the date of service, and the service provided. Do the claims paid match the care you received? If you see a mistake, contact your health plan and report the problem.
    • Other warning signs:
        • a bill for medical services you didn’t receive
        • a call from a debt collector about a medical debt you don’t owe
        • medical collection notices on your credit report that you don’t recognize
        • a notice from your health plan saying you reached your benefit limit
        • a denial of insurance because your medical records show a condition you don’t have
  • In a week or two, order a second free credit report (of the two free reports still available to you) to see if there is any new, suspicious activity on your accounts.
  • Take advantage of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection that will be provided by Anthem.
  • Bookmark this web page, or take down the web address: Check back frequently for updates.
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