Under state law, there may not be conditions or restrictions placed on a person who wins the sweepstakes. It is illegal to require the winner to buy anything or pay a fee of any type.

The only exception is that the winner may be required to complete publicity or liability releases or eligibility affidavits and assume liability for city, federal, state, or local taxes, and pay federal, state or local license or registration fees or other similar costs.

Anyone advertising a sweepstakes in Connecticut must disclose in immediate proximity to and in at least the same size and type face as the descriptions of each prize in the advertisements:

  • The verifiable retail value of such prizes;
  • The element of chance involved;
  • The odds of winning such prize; and,
  • Whether the receipt of the prize is restricted or qualified in any way.

Relevant Statute: CGS, Title 42, Chapter 743n, Sweepstakes