Heat -- Provided to Tenants


If renters have no heat, they should call local police and their local health department. The requirement for landlords to provide heat when it is included as part of the rental agreement is enforced by cities and towns. 

State law says that if the landlord is required to supply heat, running water, hot water, electricity, gas or other essential service to tenants, and if the landlord fails to supply such essential service, and the failure is not caused by conditions beyond the landlord’s control, the tenant may give notice to the landlord specifying the breach and may elect to procure reasonable amounts of essential services during the period of non-compliance and deduct the actual and reasonable cost of such service from the rent.

The tenant may instead choose to procure reasonable substitute housing during the period of the landlord’s non-compliance if the landlord fails to supply such service within 2 business days of such breach. 

If the landlord fails to provide the same service a second time within 6 months, the tenant may secure substitute housing immediately. 

If the landlord willfully fails to provide an essential service, the tenant may terminate the rental agreement and recover an amount not more than two months' rent or double the actual damages sustained by him, whichever is greater. 

If the rental agreement is terminated, the landlord shall return all security and prepaid rent and interest required pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes, section 471-22, recoverable under section 47a-21.


Housing Code Enforcement

In Hartford: (860) 543-8571

All other towns/cities, contact town/city hall for code enforcement


Relevant Statute: CGS Chapter 830 Section 47a -13