Health Clubs

The Department of Consumer Protection regulates health clubs.    

According to state law, health club contracts can be as long as two years. Any club offering contracts longer than one year must also offer a one-year contract.

No health club contract may contain an automatic renewal clause, except for a renewal for a period not to exceed one month. If a contract does contain a one-month automatic renewal clause, the renewal only becomes effective when the renewal price is paid, and the buyer may cancel any further renewal upon no more than one month's notice.

The price of any one-month automatic renewal may not increase or decrease unless the contract discloses the amount of the increase or decrease or the method of calculating such increase or decrease;  or that information is otherwise provided to the buyer, in writing, no less than one month before renewal. Any renewal option for continued membership must be accepted by the buyer in writing, by electronic mail or facsimile and shall become effective only upon payment of the renewal price.

Each health club shall post the prices and the three-day cancellation provisions, the disability provisions and the twenty-five mile moving provisions of all contracts in a conspicuous place where the contract is entered into.