Every contract between a business and a consumer must be written in plain language. Health club, home improvement, home heating fuel, and dating services would be examples where a consumer contract might be used. (Mortgages, real estate deeds, insurance policies and documents relating to securities transactions are not considered consumer contracts.) 

When signing a contract, consumers should be sure that all spaces are filled in, and that they read the contract completely before signing. It is illegal for anyone to fill in spaces on the contract after both the seller and buyer have signed them. 

As a consumer, you may have a three-day right to cancel the contract. The three-day cancellation right applies to contracts for:

  • Health Clubs
  • Time Shares
  • Diet Plans
  • Home Improvement
  • Dating Services
Notice of your three-day cancellation option must be included in your contract. However, there is no three-day cancellation right for real estate contracts, new home construction contracts, and automobile contracts.