Automobile Dealers

Department of Motor Vehicles
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Phone: 860-263-5700 within Hartford area and outside Connecticut
Elsewhere in Connecticut: 1-800-842-8222 or (860) 263-5405
  • Automobile Deposit
Most motor vehicle laws in the state are enforced by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Connecticut law states that at the time a deposit is taken, the dealer must disclose in writing whether the deposit is refundable or non refundable (pending loan acceptance).This information must be on the contract or purchase agreement, for a new or used vehicle.
If you sign a contract at a dealership, it most likely is binding. An automobile is not a returnable or exchangeable commodity.There is no three-day cancellation period for motor vehicle purchases.
Phone: (860) 263-5405
Within the Hartford area (860) 263-5700
Outside the Hartford area toll-free 1-800-842-8222
  • Automobile Lease Agreement
Automobile lease agreements are covered under the Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 743aa.
Any lease agreement should be read thoroughly before it is signed. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Leased Vehicles

Businesses that advertise consumer leases must comply with the federal Consumer Leasing Act (CLA) and regulations. The required disclosures are designed to help consumers shop and compare lease terms.

6th & Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20580
Phone: (202) 326-2502
  • Automobile Mechanics
Mechanics are not regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles or the State of Connecticut.  You may file a complaint against the repair shop.
Licensing and inspections of car rental agencies falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Call (860) 263-5056 or toll-free 800-842-8222.
  • Automotive Repair
A repair shop shall not charge for work done or parts supplied without a written authorization or in excess of the estimate unless the customer gives consent orally or in writing. Violations should be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Phone: (860) 263-5405
If a repair shop is failing to honor a written warranty, the consumer should submit a complaint to the Department of Consumer Protection with a copy of the warranty and any supporting documentation. Please use the DCP complaint form.
  • Automobile Reposession
Contact the Consumer Credit Division at the Connecticut  Department of Banking.
Phone:  (860) 240-8200
Toll-free 1-800-831-7225
  • Automobile Safety
Car safety issues and questions regarding manufacturer recalls should be directed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Phone: 1-800-424-9393
  • Automobile Towing
Towing regulations and fees are administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles
Phone: (860) 263-5405 or 800-842-8222
  • Automobile -- Used Car Warranty
The Department of Motor Vehicles has jurisdiction. Since October 1987, the Connecticut Used Car Warranty Law has covered certain used cars purchased from licensed Connecticut dealers. The law covers mechanical and operational defects at the time of purchase, if the owner has met all of the following conditions:
  • The owner has paid at least $3,000 for the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is six years old or less. 
  • The vehicle is used for personal purposes or family or household use.
  • The dealer must repair the vehicle at no charge up to 30 days (or 1,500 miles) after the purchase date if the owner paid at least $3,000, and up to 60 days (or 3,000 miles) after the purchase date if the owner paid at least $5,000.
If you have a problem in this area, please visit the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles for information on how to file a complaint.
Department of Motor Vehicles
Consumer Complaint Center
60 State Street, Room 252
Wethersfield, CT 06161
Phone:  860-263-5405