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The Connecticut State Library and the Museum of Connecticut History have many resources for researching Colt Manufacturing, Colt Firearms, Samuel & Elizabeth Colt, Coltsville National Historical Park, Patents, buildings, and more.

Here you will find links to guides on major resources relating to different aspects of the topic Colt. Additional information may be found by searching our PRIMO library catalog; Archives Finding Aids, the site, and our databases.

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Other Institutions

Besides looking at our additional resources in the See Also box, the following institutions may be of interest.

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  • Coltsville National Historical Park National Park Service’s web page on Coltsville National Historical Park.
  • Coltsville Heritage Partnership, Inc. Facebook page for Coltsville Heritage Partnership, Inc.: “Our mission is to work in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) and others in order to support Coltsville… helping the NPS provide the richest visitor experience to the widest audience possible and ensuring the protection and interpretation of the cultural and historical heritage of Coltsville and the surrounding communities through philanthropy, advocacy and public awareness, education and research, preservation, and volunteerism.”
  • Colt Firearms Collection – Wadsworth Atheneum Site: “The Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt Collection came to the Wadsworth Atheneum upon the death of Mrs. Colt in 1905. A time capsule of Victorian Hartford, the collection includes American and European paintings and sculpture, the furnishings and contents of Armsmear—the mansion-house built by Samuel Colt in 1857—and Colt’s personal collection of firearms, edged weapons, and armor from around the world. The latter gathering not only includes prototype weapons from Colt’s firearm company, but also rare and historic pieces given as gifts to Colonel Colt by czars, princes, and sultans.”
  • Colt’s Manufacturing Company Company’s website. Note: Archive Services
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