Citation Format for Connecticut Legislative History

[Volume number] Abbreviation for reference being cited , [Part number], year Sess., [Page numbers] .

House Proceedings are abbreviated H.R. Proc.

Senate Proceedings are abbreviated S. Proc.

Public hearings are cited as: Conn. Joint Standing Committee Hearings, [Name of Committee], [Part number] , year Sess. , [Page numbers]


15 H.R. Proc, Pt. 7, 1972 Sess., p. 4372.

15 H.R. Proc., supra, p. 4372. (Use only for subsequent references to the same part within a volume. If multiple parts of a single volume are cited, give the complete cite for each.)

4 S. Proc., Pt. 1, 1972 Sess., p. 17

24 S. Proc., Pt. 7, 1981 Sess., pp. 2412-13, remarks of Senator Howard T. Owens, Jr.

Conn. Joint Standing Committee Hearings, Cites and Boroughs, Pt. 1, 1955 Sess., p. 123.

Conn. Joint Standing Committee Hearings, supra, p. 123. (Use only if one committee hearing reference is given.)

Source: The Manual of Style for the Connecticut Courts, Second Edition, 1997. The Office of the Reporter of Judicial Decisions.
Reproduced with permission

NOTE: Volume and Part numbers for legislative history materials are assigned by the Connecticut State Library, and are not available in the online edition posted on the General Assembly’s website.

Note: The Manual of Style for the Connecticut Courts, Third Edition, 2013 is now available in print and on the Judicial Branch website.


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