Connecticut State Documents Agency Responsibilities

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 11-9b-d mandates that the Connecticut State Library administer the Connecticut State Documents Depository Program to collect, distribute and preserve the publications of Connecticut state government. This requires agencies to supply the library with either copies of publications or links to them if they are only available digitally.

Which publications to send to the State Library?

Any publication that is produced at the total or partial expense, or under authority of the agency, or under the authority of a group of organizations including the agency, or is legislatively, judicially, or administratively mandated.

Examples include:

Administrative Directives

Newsletters, periodical, or journals

Annual and Biennial reports


Audits (financial and management)

Planning and evaluation documents

Directories and rosters

Reports to the Governor or Legislature

Financial Reports

Research reports and studies

Handbooks, guides and manuals

Strategic or state plans

Internal newsletters

Statistical compilations

How many copies to send?

If the publication is printed for distribution, we would like 14 copies

If the publication is published in electronic format, we need 2 paper copies and a .pdf version

Where to send them:

Send paper copies to:

Collection Management Unit
Attn: Connecticut Documents
Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT 06106

Send digital versions (.pdf’s) to:

Who to contact with questions:

Susan Bigelow, 860-757-6586,

What will the Library do with the publications?

  • We will make them accessible to everyone
  • We will keep 2 copies permanently in our collection, one of the copies may be borrowed
  • We will send one copy to the Library of Congress.
  • We will send additional copies to a network of libraries across the state.
  • We will digitally archive electronic only publications
  • We will fully catalog each item, including permanent links to electronic only publications.
  • As necessary, we will take appropriate steps to ensure their preservation through climate control, binding, repairing and reformatting.