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State of Connecticut PFAS AFFF Take Back Program Announced

State of Connecticut PFAS AFFF Take Back Program

Container Collection Stage

Overview of PFAS AFFF Take Back Program

To reduce environmental risk from releases of Per- and Poly- fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), the State Bond Commission released legislatively authorized funds to advance the State of Connecticut’s Interagency PFAS Task Force Action Plan. 

One key step in that plan is to implement a Take Back Program to collect Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrate from State and Municipal Fire Services as an alternative has been identified.

Stage 1:  Collection of containerized foam is the first stage of the Take Back Program. 

Stage 2:  A second stage of the Take Back Program will involve the removal of AFFF from fire apparatus on- board systems and decontaminate the apparatus and other equipment, to be implemented at a later date.

Point of Contact: The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Commission on Fire Prevention and Control (DESPP/CFPC) is the point of contact for fire departments.  CFPC will inform and coordinate the collection process between the state’s permitted contractor, Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. (Clean Harbors)[1] and individual municipal and volunteer fire departments and state agency fire departments/organizations.  You may contact the CFPC at

Replacement Foam: While municipalities may purchase replacement Fluorine Free Foam from any vendor, please note that municipalities may choose to purchase referencing the state contract. Contract #21PSX0028AB has been issued by the Department of Administrative Services for National Foam Universal F3 Green firefighting foam (no substitutions) for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, all using State agencies, political subdivisions and not-for-profits. To access the contract visit:

[1] The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection/Materials Management and Compliance Assurance Bureau/Emergency Response and Spill Prevention Division (DEEP/MMCA/ERSPD) has deployed Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. (Clean Harbors), a contractor from State DAS Contract # 16PSX0197 “Removal and Disposal of Hazardous Waste Streams and Services” to complete tasks associated with the removal and disposal of AFFF containers from local and regional fire departments and multiple state facilities throughout Connecticut. 


How the collection process works: The removal and disposal contractor, Clean Harbors, will pick up containers [various sizes of totes, drums, buckets, or other containers] from state agencies and from municipal career and volunteer fire departments. The contractor will arrange for the appropriate transportation and disposal of collected AFFF concentrate and containers at a permitted disposal facility. 

PFAS AFFF Take Back Program Eligibility—Container Collection Stage

  • State agencies, regional entities

  • Municipal Fire Departments, Career and Volunteer

  • Other entities approved by the program


Take Back Program Collection Instruction Steps

  1. The State is working from the Foam Survey that most of you replied to in recent months. If you have not indicated to the CFPC that you have foam concentrate ready for pickup, then send an email to , preferably no later than May 7, 2021.

  2. Departments with multiple stations should consolidate containers at one location.

  3. Clean Harbors will contact you by email with the collection date and time (with a two-hour window).

    1. An individual from your organization must be present on the scheduled pickup date. 

    2. Cancellations must be identified 3 days in advance by contacting Clean Harbors at with a copy to and

  4. Place the concentrate containers in an area that is accessible and ensure that the containers are protected from being knocked over. Provide secondary containment or place absorbent materials around the containers while awaiting collection.

  5. Do not include materials or wastes that are not AFFF concentrate.

  6. This collection does not involve the purchase of replacement foam.


If you have any questions, you may contact the Commission on Fire Prevention and Control at  or text Nick Wallick at 860-836-8911 or Jeff Morrissette at 860-566-0690.


2021 AFFF PFAS take back program 4/29/2021 PDF