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CGS Sec. 7-323v. Payments to volunteer fire companies for providing services on limited access highways or on sections of the Berlin Turnpike or Route 8. (a) The State Fire Administrator shall, within available appropriations, pay five hundred dollars to each volunteer fire company for each call to which it responds on (1) a limited access highway, designated pursuant to section 13b-27, (2) the section of the highway known as the Berlin Turnpike, which begins at the end of the existing Wilbur Cross Parkway in the town of Meriden and extends northerly along Route 15 to the beginning of a section of limited access highway in the town of Wethersfield known as South Meadows Expressway, or (3) the section of Route 8 in the town of Beacon Falls which is within the boundaries of the Naugatuck State Forest.

(b) No municipality that provides funds to a volunteer fire company may reduce such funding based on the payments that such company receives, or is anticipated to receive, under subsection (a) of this section.

(P.A. 22-146, S. 14.)

History: P.A. 22-146 effective July 1, 2022.

Volunteer Fire Companies may submit claims for responses dispatched as of 0000 hours July 1, 2022.  Please use the fillable FY 24 Limited Access Highway Incident Response Claim Form provided.  Claim Forms may be scanned and submitted electronically to FPC.LAH.CLAIMFORM@CT.GOV or mailed to:

Limited Access Highway Claim Form

Commission on Fire Prevention & Control

34 Perimeter Road

Windsor Locks, CT 06096-1069


 Claims must be filed within 30 days of the incident date.  With the submission of your Claim Form, please include a copy of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) or Department Incident Report.  Please be sure the Claim Form is filled out in full, incomplete forms will be returned to the Fire Company.

Also, please note that copies of the Claim Form are not a substitute for the required submission of an eNFIRS report to the State Fire Marshal/Office of Education and Data Management.

To ensure payments are made in a timely manner, we request Fire Companies submit a W9 and Vendor Profile Form along with your first claim.  This will be utilized to enter your information into the State’s accounting system.  If already receiving payments from the State of Connecticut, the information will be used to ensure the information on hand is current.

Fire Companies wishing to receive funds via Electronic Payment (ACH) in lieu of a paper check can sign up on the Comptrollers' website.    

There may be a slight delay upon the submission of your first claim to allow the Office of the State Comptroller to establish a vendor account in your name.  Following initial claims, payments should be expected within 2-4 weeks. 

To view a list of the designated Limited Access Highways, please click this link - CT DOT Limited Access Highway Inventory

DOT Interactive Mapping Tool Identifying Limited Access Highways

*Please note, the tool does not depict those roadways that are specifically designated as eligible in the legislation. Roadways depicted in blue represent designated Limited Access.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Morrissette, State Fire Administrator, at (860) 264-9230 or (860) 566-0690.