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Residential Sprinkler Implementation Training Program
Residential sprinklers are widely recognized as the next revolution in reducing our nation’s losses due to fire. While avoiding unfriendly fires is our goal, once a fire breaks out, the earliest intervention possible leads to the best outcome. Several studies verify the fact that the vast majority of fires are extinguished before they grow large enough to be of consequence; however, the small percentage of fires that grow beyond the control of building occupants cause the vast majority of deaths, injuries, and damage to property. Residential sprinkler systems present the most effective system response to these fires in homes. It is anticipated that the installation of residential sprinklers will result in reducing injuries, deaths, and property loss to a far more acceptable level than we are currently experiencing.
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This program is appropiate for: fire officials, building officials, building contractors, sprinkler installation contractors sprinkler fitters, municipal leaders, and public water providers.
This free program is sponsored through a grant from the National Association of State Fire Marshal's Fire Research Education Foundation.
Local sponsors include: Office of State Fire Marshal, Office of Education and Data Management, Connecticut Fire Academy, Department of Construction Services, and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.