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Q Endorsement Licensing Program

Updates to the Q Endorsement licensing program based on Public Act 13-271 section 11(d)

Public Act Number 13-271, An Act Concerning Distracted Driving and Revisions to the Motor Vehicle Statutes, allows local authorities to sign off on training and testing of the Q Endorsement licensing program.  Section 11 (d) states “A license of any class that contains the designation “Q” indicates eligibility to operate fire apparatus. A “Q” endorsement shall signify that the holder has been trained to operate fire apparatus in accordance with standards established by the Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. No such endorsement shall be issued to any person until he or she demonstrates personally to the commissioner, or the commissioner’s designee, including the Connecticut Fire Academy, any regional fire school or the chief local fire official of any municipality as defined in section 7-323j, by means of testing in a representative vehicle that such person possesses the skills necessary for operation of the fire apparatus.”

Commissioner’s Designee defined:

The Connecticut Fire Academy, Regional Fire School Director or local Fire Chief of any municipality (as defined in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) 7-323j) shall be responsible for determining who, in their organization, will be authorized as a “commissioner’s designee” (per C.G.S. 14-36a). The “commissioner’s designee” shall be authorized to sign certificates indicating an applicant has met all requirements to obtain a Q Endorsement. Designee’s shall have completed a CFA/DMV sponsored Train the Trainer session in order to be eligible for designee status. Designee must be registered with DMV prior to the issuance of any certificates by that academy, regional school or municipality.

Registering a Designee:

Designees of the Connecticut Fire Academy, Regional Fire Schools or local fire departments shall be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) – Mail-In License Transaction Unit (MILT). DMV will maintain the listing of all designees. To register a designee the following information must be provided on academy, school or fire department letterhead:

  • Designee Last name
  • First name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s license operator number
  • Representing agency/municipality of the designee

The letter must be signed by the Fire Academy Director, Regional School Director or Fire Chief.

The letter must be emailed to with “Commissioner’s Designee” included in the email subject line.

A sample of the Q Endorsement certificate that will be issued to the student, by the school or department, shall be included with the first letter submitted for a designee.

It is the responsibility of the fire academy, regional school, or Fire Chief to notify DMV of any additions or removals of designees within 24 hours.

  • The Connecticut Fire Academy, Regional Fire School or local Fire Chief of any municipality (as defined in C.G.S. 7-323j) shall be responsible for:
  • Verifying the applicant meets all the requirements outlined in the Firefighter Qualifications and Certification Policy and Procedure Rules and Regulations (Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA) Section 7-323l – 77)
  • Signing the certificate authorizing the applicant has met the above requirements
  • Issuing the certificate to the applicant
  • Providing the DMV one sample certificate prior to issuance of any certificates by the academy, school or fire chief.

The certificate must contain the following information:

  • A statement that the applicant meets all training requirements outlined in standards established by the Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. This statement must be signed under penalty of false statement by the designee.
  • The designee’s last and first name printed and signed
  • The last and first name of the applicant who will be issued the Q Endorsement
  • The applicant’s driver’s license operator number
  • Date certificate is issued
  • Expiration date for certificate – the certificate must expire two years after issuance.

Link to sample certificate with fillable fields.(hover mouse over field for tooltip for required information)

Applicant responsibility for obtaining Q Endorsement:

Q Endorsement applicants will not be required to visit a DMV location when first applying for a Q Endorsement license. The applicant can submit all the necessary information through the mail. Renewals of Q Endorsement licenses will still require visiting a DMV office or a AAA location.

  • Applicant must complete and sign form R-229 Link to DMV website Form R-229
  • Applicant will mail the R-229 form, their original certificate, and $30.00 duplicate/modification fee to DMV Centralized Issuance Unit (CIU).
  • There is no fee if the Q Endorsement is issued at time of renewal, beyond the renewal fee.
  • CIU will process the R-229, certificate and $30.00 duplicate fee
  • CIU will send a duplicate license with a Q Endorsement to the applicant
Mailing Address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Attention Mail-in License Transaction Unit

Removal of Designee:

If the Connecticut Fire Academy, Regional Fire School or local Fire Chief finds it necessary to remove a Commissioner Designee from the DMV list, the agency must notify DMV-MILT in writing within 24 hours.

The signed letter on academy, school or fire department letterhead requesting the designee be removed shall contain the following information:

  • Last and first name of designee
  • Designee’s driver’s license operator number
  • Date of removal
Fraudulent Certificates:

If a certificate is signed by an unauthorized individual the DMV will be responsible for contacting the academy, school or fire department and notifying them the certificate will not be accepted.

Voluntary Downgrade:

If you currently have a CDL and you wish to downgrade to a Q Endorsement, you will need to have a letter from your fire department chief confirming that you are an active member of the department driving apparatus. That letter shall be submitted at your license renewal time, to a DMV office.