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Introduction to the Fire Service 2024


The Applications for the 2024 Sessions of the Introduction to the Fire Service classes are now OPEN!    


Introduction to the Fire Service - Session 1  - June 23 - June 29

Introduction to the Fire Service - Session 2 -   July 14 - 20

ITTFS - Advanced Skills and Concepts (ASAC) August 11- 17


Applications for Summer of 2024 ARE NOW CLOSED.



The Connecticut Fire Academy’s Introduction To The Fire Service (ITTFS) Program was designed to provide high school students with an opportunity to learn more about the profession by attending a residential camp and performing training evolutions at the Connecticut Fire Academy.  Over the last 20 years, the program has evolved from the two original five-day sessions each summer to two, six-day residential sessions per summer.  Many alumni have moved on to become full members of their Fire Departments, have attended college in Fire and EMS programs and have earned employment as career Firefighters.

Introduction to the Fire Service

Thirty-two students are accepted into each Session.  This session immerses the students into the mission, culture and skill sets of the Fire Service.  A strong emphasis is placed on character, self- and mutual respect, individual empowerment and teamwork as students participate in physical fitness training, learn in a classroom setting, compete in team-based activities and progress in squads through a series of practical training evolutions divided into engine, ladder and rescue company fireground operations.  The class selects its own command staff based on the Incident Command System, who are responsible for the logistical support and operational performance of the group for the duration of the session.  Guest speakers who represent a variety of functions within the Fire Service are invited in each night to provide a broad perspective of the trade.  At the end of the session, the students respond to and mitigate a simulated multi-story building fire utilizing the skills that they have learned over the course of the week. 

Each student will reside at the Connecticut Fire Academy in Windsor Locks for the duration of the course. Meals and lodging are included in the tuition. All applicants must be affiliated with a Municipal Fire Department and the department Chief and applicant’s parent must sign the application. Firefighter protective clothing is required for the program which includes a helmet, bunker coat, firefighter gloves, bunker pants with boots, Nomex hood, safety glasses and work gloves.


First introduced in 2011, the ASAC Session accepts a smaller group of 24 students who have successfully completed the Standard session.  These students develop their own Command Staff and attend a series of lectures and practical skills stations on more advanced material, including High Angle Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Fireground Rehabilitation, Standpipe and Master Stream Operations and Pump Operator training.  Students participate in leadership, radio communications and instructional methodology training sessions and each Squad is responsible for development and delivery of a company level drill.  At graduation, the class responds to and mitigates a highly challenging simulated building fire, which involves a vehicle extrication, high-angle rope rescue, standpipe operations and a transition to a defensive attack. 


Since 2011, successful graduates of ITTFS Sessions who are between the ages of 16 and 20 and are full-time students in high school or college have had the opportunity to participate in a competitive selection process for the position of Junior Counselor.  The selection process includes submission of an application with a transcript, letters of recommendation and then sitting for an Oral Board Interview.  Up to two Junior Counselors are assigned per ITTFS Session and are responsible to assist in preparing the campus for a session, assisting Adjunct Instructors in delivering training and in the behind-the-scenes planning and support for their assigned session.  Junior Counselors receive free room, board and uniforms and are provided with letters of reference after the completion of their session.  Junior Counselors have proven themselves to be an invaluable part of the teaching team each summer and provide an excellent liaison between the students and staff.  Many of our Junior Counselors have enrolled in college, with most following degree tracks within the Fire Service field.