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The Connecticut Fire Academy in cooperation with the National Fire Academy present three courses through the National Fire Academy’s off campus deliveries program.

Fire Prevention for First Responders and Small Departments

February 25 and 26, 2012 Course # 12228

This two day course stresses the awareness, advocacy, and motivational content needed by those who traditionally have been focused on operations (suppression, EMS, etc.) and who seek to learn new, successful approaches appropriate for communities of all sizes, but most especially for America's smaller communities. The course focuses on identifying exciting and highly successful tools and approaches for addressing the total fire protection challenge via lessons learned in other communities, resources available, and the means and value of building partnerships and coalitions. Students will come away empowered to make change and thus build departments more effective at serving both customers and members, by learning how to manage the fire prevention function better.

This course is appropriate for leaders, both today's and tomorrow's, in the Nation's smaller departments (typically those of less than 25,000 populations). This course is open to all interested emergency services personnel including volunteer, career, and allied professionals. The class is intended primarily for those who have served in operations and who seek to learn more effective ways of combating the fire problem.

Class Hours: 16             FM Credit: 16                 Course Fee: $60.00

Marketing Fire Prevention in Your Community

May 19 and May 20, 2012 Course # 12229

In this two day course students begin developing a marketing plan for fire prevention using resources from the first course, above, and those already in place in their communities. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to continue developing, refining, and applying a marketing plan that will outline target hazard risk, identify significant opponents, and present allies who may be available within their community.

This course is for those who seek to learn new approaches to deal more easily with their community's fire and injury challenges, including departmental "leaders," both today's and tomorrow’s, operational and administrative, in the Nation's smaller departments.

Class Hours: 16             FM Credit: 10                 Course Fee: $60.00

Training Operations in Small Departments

Sept 8 and Sept 9, 2012 Course # 13023

This two day course is designed to provide students with some basic tools and skills to coordinate training in a small fire/EMS organization. A training function in a smaller department typically may include conducting training drills and coordinating training with a nearby larger city or State training function. Course content includes; leadership issues in fire service training, such as why and how the local training officer must be a catalyst for change, and personal motivators within the department. The local training officer must identify the legal issues affecting the training function, including an understanding of a standard of care, and the impact of OSHA and NFPA standards. Considerations that must be assessed training include safety, marketing training internally, identifying ways to justify training needs, and resolving training conflicts using appropriate conflict resolution techniques. Training personnel will be made aware of how to select and evaluate training curriculum and materials from outside sources and effective delivery and evaluation of training.

Class Hours: 16                                    Course Fee: $60.00

Students attending any or all of these classes will receive a Connecticut Fire Academy and a National Fire Academy certificate for each completed class. All classes will be held at the Connecticut Fire Academy 0830-1630 hours.

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