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2009 HazMat Week

Welcome to our reappearance of Connecticut Fire Academy’s Hazardous Materials Week. Through numerous requests we have decided to revitalize our previous Haz Materials Week with contemporary practices and actual Regional Hazardous Materials Team applications.

By way of the largess of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and their use of the federal grant for Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning (HMEP) we are making this entire week and every activity - tuition free.

This offer is extremely useful when considering the normal cost of Haz Mat IQ, a frequently requested course that enjoys enthusiastic reviews from haz magicians to newly minted firefighters.

All five of the Regional Haz Mat Teams have agreed to par-ticipate in both demonstrations and one themed activity.

Please register if you intend to attend. Registrations will be taken via the internet in order to plan midday meal counts and classroom sizes. We eagerly anticipate gauging the level of interest in continuing such a focused week.

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