What are the advantages of buying cannabis from a licensed establishment?

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Buying cannabis and cannabis products from a licensed cannabis establishment allows adults 21 and older to purchase products that meet health and safety guidelines. All products are tracked in a statewide seed-to-sale system and tested by a third-party laboratory so consumers and regulators know exactly where the product came from and what it contains. Staff at licensed cannabis establishments are also knowledgeable and can provide important information about how products work and which product might be best for you.


Cannabis purchased from the illicit market is not laboratory tested or branded and packaged in a way that protects the health and safety of consumers, children and pets. Illicit cannabis may contain harmful contaminants or toxins, look confusingly similar to candy and other non-cannabis products, and be packaged in a way that young children or pets may easily access. This can lead to illness, poisoning and accidental ingestion.

Benefits of Purchasing Cannabis from Licensed Establishments:


  • Laboratory tested: All cannabis and cannabis products sold by licensed establishments are tested for potency, cannabinoids and terpenes, and the presence of contaminants and pesticides to help protect consumer health and safety.
  • Clear labeling: Labels will clearly indicate the brand name, presence of THC or CBD, serving size and dosing, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Safe packaging: Cannabis and cannabis products must follow strict packaging guidelines to keep the product safe to use and prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets.
  • Cannot appeal to children: Brand names, packaging and labeling cannot be similar to non-cannabis products or appeal to children in any way. This also helps prevent accidental ingestion.
  • Secure retail locations: Cannabis establishments must meet security requirements, including 24/7 camera systems, vaults and well-lit parking.
  • Trained staff: Staff at licensed cannabis establishments are trained and can help choose the right product for you.

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