Can a business entity be a Backer of a cannabis establishment?

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No, a Backer applicant cannot be an entity.

A Backer applicant must be an individual or individuals who meet the criteria outlined in Section 1(2) of Public Act 21-1 (June Spec. Sess.). This is true even if the cannabis establishment is owned or partially owned by an entity.

Applicants for a cannabis establishment should review their overall organizational structure and determine if any of the individuals associated with any entities that own the cannabis establishment meet the definition of a Backer.

This would include an individual with a financial interest in an entity wholly or partly owning the cannabis establishment that would result in:

  1. That individual having an overall financial interest in the cannabis establishment exceeding 5 percent; or
  2. That individual having a financial interest in the cannabis establishment and participating in management, control, or the operations of the cannabis establishment.

More information about Backers is available on the Adult-Use Cannabis Backer licensing page.

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