1. The Department of Consumer Protection will announce the total number of applications to be selected and allocate 50 percent of them to a Social Equity Applicant lottery.
  2. An application period for each license type will be opened for a specific period of time, to be determined by the Department of Consumer Protection.
  3. A list of all applications received for each lottery will be randomized and sent to the third-party lottery operator.
  4. The third-party lottery operator will randomize the list of applications and identify the applications selected through the lottery.
  5. The applications will be reviewed and if an application is denied, the next application in the list will be accepted until the total number is selected or there are no additional applications remaining.
  6. The selected applicants will have to complete a provisional application and submit the appropriate fee.
  7. The provisional licensee has 14 months to obtain a fully operational license.