Ailanthus, Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus)

Ailanthus, Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus)

Plant Health Problems

(This tree has been listed as an invasive, non-native plant in many states.)

Diseases caused by Fungi:

Wilt, Verticillium albo-atrum.
Leaves of infected trees yellow and drop prematurely. This is followed by death of a branch or branches or the entire tree. Brownish streaks are occasionally present in the wood.

This disease enters through the roots, and is nearly impossible to control. Elms, maples, and catalpas are susceptible to this fungus and are likely to become diseased if used as replacements. Resistant trees include apples, beech, gingkos, honeylocust, sweet gums, willows, and all conifers.

Insect Problems:

This species is rarely fed upon by insects.