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Bamboo - Running Bamboo (Phyllostachys spp.) in Connecticut 
Coloring and Activity Book for Kids I (2007)
Coloring and Activity Book for Kids II (2008)
Coloring and Activity Book for Kids III (2011)
Coloring Book for Kids (2006)
Deer - Controlling Deer Damage in Gardens
Deer - Limiting Deer Browse Damage to Landscape Plants
Disease Management Guide for Connecticut Arborists 2015-2016
Environmentally Friendly Methods for Management of Plant Diseases
Gardening - First Steps to Healthy Gardening
Gardening - Planning Your Garden
Houseplant - Common Houseplant Problems
Houseplant - General Houseplant Care
Houseplants - for Different Light Categories
How to Identify Plant Health Problems
Landscaping for Wildlife
On-Line Plant Pest Handbook
Plant Diseases - Intro and Historical Impact of Plant Health Problems
Plants Reported to Cause Dermatitis
Poisonous Plants
Propagation - Basic Techniques for Propagating Plants
Slime Molds
Sphaerobolus spp- Classification
Sphaerobolus spp- The Artillery Fungus
Sudden Vegetation Dieback in Connecticut's Salt Marshes
Using Mineral Nutrition to Suppress Plant Diseases
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