Amos Lake, Preston 2018

Amos Lake, Preston - 2018

Map of Amos Lake, Preston 2018

2018 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Amos Lake

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Amos Lake is a 113 acre lake located in Preston, CT. A public boat ramp is located along the middle of the western shoreline.  A campground with lake access is located in the south while various homes are scattered around much of the remaining shoreline.

The 2018 vegetative survey of Amos Lake was the third survey performed by CAES IAPP of the waterbody; it was previously surveyed in 2006 and 2013. Similar to previous surveys, variable-leaf watermilfoil (Myriophyllum heterophyllum) was the only invasive found in the lake. It has spread in abundance from a few locations on the western perimeter of the lake to more of the western perimeter as well as a cove on the eastern side. Mudmat (Glossostigma cleistanthum) is also a non-native plant found in the lake, but it is not considered a state-listed invasive species and is rarely a nuisance. Common reed (Phragmites australis), an invasive wetland plant, was found along the northern shoreline of the lake. As found in 2013, Robbins’ pondweed (Potamogeton robbinsii) was the most common plant. It covers almost the entire perimeter of the lake. Overall presence of vegetation increased in 2018 from previous years with dense populations of plants in the coves along the east and west shorelines of the lake. Species richness, however, decreased from 29 in 2013 to 22 species.

Species recorded in our 2018 survey of Amos Lake.
Scientific Names
*Invasive Species
Arrowhead Purple Bladderwort Tapegrass
Common Bladderwort Robbins' Pondweed Variable Pondweed
Common Reed Slender Watermilfoil Variable-Leaf Watermilfoil*
Golden Hedge-Hyssop Small Pondweed Watershield
Humped Bladderwort Snailseed Pondweed White Water Lily
Large-Leaf Pondweed Spikerush Yellow Water Lily
Mudmat Spotted Pondweed  
Pickerelweed Swamp Loosestrife  

Other Amos Lake Surveys: 2013 Survey, 2006 Survey