Amos Lake, Preston - 2013

Amos Lake
Amos Lake is a 113 acre lake located in Preston, CT.  A public boat ramp is located along the middle of the western shoreline.  A campground with lake access is located in the south while various homes are scattered around much of the remaining shoreline.

The 2013 vegetative survey of Amos Lake was a resurvey from 2006.  Similar to 2006, Myriophyllum heterophyllum (variable watermilfoil) was the only invasive found in the lake. It was found growing in a medium patch in the northwest portion of the lake and also as singular plants in two other locations. Also similar to 2006, Potamogeton robbinsii (Robbin's pondweed, native) was the most commonly found plant.  However, the area covered by P. robbinsii, Vallinseria americana (eelgrass), and Nymphaea odorata (white water lily) increased from the 2006 survey.  Frequency of occurrence of P. robbinsii along 12 transects (120 points) increased from 36.7% to 47.5% from 2006 to 2013.  Overall, vegetation seemed to increase in the 2013 survey.
Dense plant populations tended to be found in the coves along the east and west shorelines of the lake.  The north and south shoreline had less dense vegetation and also lower species richness. Generally, low lying plants typical of shorelines were growing along the north and south shoreline.  These plants included: Elatine species, Eleocharis species, Glossostigma cleistanthum, Gratiola aurea, and Myriophyllum tenellum. P. robbinsii and V. americana was found growing around the majority of the lake in greater than 1 meter of water.  Floating leaf plants such as Brasenia schreberi, Nuphar variegata, and N. odorata were found most commonly in the coves around the lake.  Potamogeton bicupulatus was found in only one location, growing in a medium size patch along the south shore.