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Program Description
The Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides opportunities for people who are legally blind, and youth who are legally blind or visually impaired to acquire the training and skills necessary to obtain, retain and advance into competitive and integrated employment. Clients are active participants in the development of career goals and the identification of services and providers that will contribute toward the achievement of success in employment. 

For more information call 860-602-4000 or fill out the VR Contact Form


Some Examples of Services Include:
  • Assistive technology devices and training in their use to enable clients to access training programs and work assignments.
  • Provision of magnifying aids that help individuals to make the best use of remaining vision.
  • Counseling services that help job seekers make informed vocational decisions.
  • Funding for training at institutions of post-secondary education to acquire the necessary credentials to pursue employment in specific career fields.
  • Information and referral services to other partners in the Workforce Development network of providers.
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services to assist youth with making informed decisions about career options and opportunities. 
Services for Employers
For a wide range of occupations, the Vocational Rehabilitation Program can provide qualified, motivated and experienced job candidates. BESB is a proud partner of the American Job Center network and through this partnership, employer recruitments can be shared across a wide range of partner programs to maximize the pool of qualified candidates for your consideration.


Available services can include:
  • Referring to your business pre-screened, qualified applicants that meet your job requirements.
  • Access to Tax Credits for hiring a BESB referred individual.
  • Training funds for referrals who are hired or offered paid internships.
  • Worker-Retention Services that evaluate and provide the necessary training and accommodations for your business to retain employees who have experienced a vision loss.
  • Employee awareness training that assists your employees to learn about the accommodations available and strategies that make it possible for an employee with legal blindness to be a productive and contributing staff member.
  • Ongoing follow up support after the hire.
To submit a job lead contact Jonathan Richmond, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Coordinator at (860) 602-4031 or email him at:


Services for Job Seekers
BESB offers a wide range of services, both directly and through community rehabilitation providers to assist job seekers to obtain the skills and credentials that lead to employment success. Through the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, job seekers can access a variety of services at American Job Center locations across the state. Examples of these service include seminars on interviewing techniques, resume writing, and customized job searches to locate employers who are hiring in your chosen field. BESB Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are also available to work with you and the American Job Center staff to help bring about a successful employment match.  Contact The Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor at 860-602-4032 for more information.