Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact the Department of Aging and Disability Services?
A: Main number: 860-424-5055
Fax: 860-424-4850
Q: How do I find office locations?
A: Please follow this link for information on office locations. 
Q: How do I apply for services?
A: Please follow this link to find information on applying for programs, or call our general number at 860-424-5055
Q: I'm interested in working for Aging and Disability Services. Are there any job opportunities?
A: To  find current job openings of interest in all state agencies please visit the new State of Connecticut Executive Branch Online Employment Center.
Q: Are there any volunteer opportunities with Aging and Disability Services?
A: We do have programs that accept volunteers. Please follow this link for more information.
Q. How do I register as a Sign Language Interpreter in the state of Connecticut?
A: All Sign Language, Oral and Cued Speech Interpreters must be registered annually in the State of Connecticut. Fill out the following and follow instructions on the form - Interpreter Registration Form.
Q: How can I see who is a registered as a Sign Language Interpreter in Connecticut?
A: As per Public Act 98-251, the department maintains the Interpreter Registration Form, which is updated regularly.  (Please note, the department does not provide interpreting services. Please contact 2-1-1 ( or call 2-1-1) and ask/search for Sign Language Interpreters.