About Us

Welcome to the Department of Aging and Disability Services website. Our programs, policies and practices are designed to:
  • Deliver aging and disability services responsive to the needs of Connecticut citizens;
  • Provide leadership on aging and disability issues statewide;
  • Provide and coordinate aging and disability programs and services in the areas of employment, education, independent living, accessibility and advocacy;
  • Advocate for the rights of Connecticut residents with disabilities and older adults; and
  • Serve as a resource on aging and disability issues at the state level.
Maximizing opportunities for the independence and well-being of people with disabilities and older adults in Connecticut.
Core Values
INTEGRITY: We interact honestly and fairly with all others, adhering to strong ethics, values and principles.
RESPECT: We value and recognize others for their unique skills, talents and contributions, and are considerate in all interactions.
PROFESSIONALISM: We are mindful of our daily conduct and strive to have the highest work standards with a courteous attitude.
OPEN COMMUNICATION: We encourage the sharing of information and knowledge in an accurate, honest and supportive way.