Long-Term Care Ombudsman

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program became part of the Department of Rehabilitation Services under Public Act 18-169, signed into law on June 14, 2018 by Governor Dannel P Malloy.  
Mandated by the Federal Older American’s Act and Connecticut General Statute 17b-400, the Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman Program protects and promotes the rights and quality of life for residents of skilled nursing facilities, residential care homes and managed residential care communities (also known as assisted living facilities).
The Regional Ombudsman, along with the Volunteer Resident Advocate, provides a voice to residents’ concerns and, as importantly, empowers residents to have a voice in ensuring their rights. This is accomplished through individual consultation and complaint resolution and also through work with other state agencies and advocacy organizations. The State Ombudsman also works with policy makers, legislators and stakeholders to advance and improve systems and protections at the state level.
For more information, please visit their website at https://portal.ct.gov/LTCOP