BESB Vocational Rehabilitation Program Description

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides opportunities for people who are legally blind, and youth who are legally blind or visually impaired to acquire the training and skills necessary to obtain, retain and advance into competitive and integrated employment. Clients are active participants in the development of career goals and the identification of services and providers that will contribute toward the achievement of success in employment.
Some examples of services include:
  • Assistive technology devices and training in their use to enable clients to access training programs and work assignments.
  • Provision of magnifying aids that help individuals to make the best use of remaining vision.
  • Counseling services that help job seekers make informed vocational decisions.
  • Funding for training at institutions of post-secondary education to acquire the necessary credentials to pursue employment in specific career fields.
  • Information and referral services to other partners in the Workforce Development network of providers.
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services to assist youth with making informed decisions about career options and opportunities.

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