Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Determines Former Mayor Perez Eligible For Pension, Informs Chief State’s Attorney Will Seek Revocation

June 29, 2010

            Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today that his office has determined former Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez is eligible for a city pension and formally notified the Chief State’s Attorney that he will seek to revoke it.

            Blumenthal proposed and advocated the pension revocation statute, which requires his office to seek pension revocation or reduction upon conviction of a public official, as occurred here. He is required also to notify and consult with the Chief State’s Attorney.

            “Our research indicates that Mr. Perez’s pension, administered by the city of Hartford, is subject to revocation or reduction under the Pension Revocation Statute,” Blumenthal said in a letter to Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane. Mr. Perez’s conviction reflects significant violations of public trust and misuse of office. Accordingly, I intend, at the earliest appropriate time and in consultation with your office, to seek an order fully revoking his pension.”

Blumenthal said in his letter to Kane that he will seek to “coordinate our efforts to best serve the interests of the state of Connecticut and the city of Hartford.”

            Blumenthal said that Perez, 53, can begin at 55 collecting a partial pension of about $25,000 a year. The ex-mayor would have to wait until he’s 60 to receive a full pension of about $31,000 a year.

            Perez’s pension is based nine years of service at an average salary of $140,000 a year.