Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Calls On Anthem To Reverse Termination Of Bristol Hospital From Provider Network

September 20, 2010

            Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today urged Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut to maintain Bristol Hospital on its provider network as the health insurer and hospital continue to negotiate reimbursement rates.

            Anthem currently plans to terminate Bristol Hospital’s provider status on Oct. 1 after intense rate negotiations have failed to reach an agreement.

The termination threatens health coverage for numerous Anthem consumers who may depend on Bristol Hospital for treatment.

            “This termination would have a profoundly serious impact on residents of Bristol and its surrounding communities who depend on Bristol Hospital’s services,” Blumenthal said. “The proposed termination -- affecting a substantial portion of the hospital’s commercial insurance revenues -- could permanently undermine its financial stability.”

            Blumenthal said he understands the intensity of the ongoing negotiations, and has no plans to interfere with the specifics of those talks, but said continued coverage at Bristol Hospital is critical. He offered any assistance that the parties felt would be useful in reaching an agreement.

            “In light of the potentially devastating impact on the Bristol area and the hospital’s compliance with Anthem, this termination should be immediately reversed as the companies continue to work towards a resolution,” Blumenthal said.