Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Announces Agreement Full Refunds To Over 70 Consumers For Outstanding Gravesite Monuments And Engraving

May 6, 2010

            Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced a settlement with the former owner of Lakeview Monuments of Stratford refunding more than 70 consumers for outstanding deposits on engravings and monuments intended for grave, burial or internment sites.

            Blumenthal reached the settlement following a joint investigation with the state’s attorney’s office that conducted a parallel criminal case.

Richard Miron, the former owner of Lakeview Monuments, will pay $78,098.28 to fully refund more than 70 consumers who paid for -- but never received -- products or services that included gravestones and engraving.

Miron, who pled guilty to larceny and now awaits sentencing, is prohibited from owning, operating or working for any monument retail or wholesale business for seven years, or serving as an officer or board member in a monument company or cemetery association.

“This settlement provides full refunds to consumers for memorials and engravings that they paid for, but never received,” Blumenthal said. “Lakeview Monuments was a monumental failure in its treatment of consumers -- accepting payments from grieving customers when it could not provide a product or service in return. This conduct added insult to injury, harming consumers already devastated by the loss of a loved one.

“Our investigation was conducted jointly with the state’s attorney’s office, resulting in both criminal and civil remedies. Lakeview consumers with outstanding deposits or full payments can expect refunds in two phases, the first phase beginning within a couple of months.”