Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Announces $2.5 Million Settlement Of Contract Dispute Over Computerized Law Enforcement Database

April 6, 2010

          Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced a $2.5 million settlement with MAXIMUS, Inc. and its subcontractor, resolving a dispute over a contract to update a computer system used to access criminal justice information and conduct immediate criminal background checks.

The state hired MAXIMUS in 2002 to update the Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communications Teleprocessing System (COLLECT System) and to meet new federal standards. This computerized system is a key investigative tool, providing immediate access to criminal justice information.

Along with Department of Public Safety (DPS), more than 180 municipalities, local police departments and state agencies rely on COLLECT for fast access to nationwide law enforcement resources and data, including information on wanted persons, missing persons, stolen property and criminal histories.

In 2007, Blumenthal alleged MAXIMUS breached its state contract by providing a defective system. MAXIMUS denied breaching its contract with the state and, to the extent that the upgrade of the system was incomplete, MAXIMUS sued its subcontractor for performance under the subcontract.

          “This settlement resolves our legal dispute -- returning money to taxpayers and sparing the state prolonged legal action,” Blumenthal said. “I commend MAXIMUS for coming to the table and agreeing to this settlement. A new computerized law enforcement system is under construction now in an effort to provide our police officers with the necessary tools to protect their lives and public safety.”

In 1999, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) updated and revamped the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which stores nationwide criminal justice data. The updated system incorporated additional features, including transmission of images associated with wanted and missing persons and fingerprint searches. The updated system also requires the encryption of all data transmitted between the COLLECT System and the FBI.

MAXIMUS was hired to revise the COLLECT System to meet those encryption standards, and provide additional new functions.